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Team training and progress

After a great Voco Hotel Breakfast, the St Helena Football team was heading to the training pitch in Wokingham in Berkshire,

Team coach Gary had the team warming up in a much lower-than-expected temperature in their first UK training session.

Some team members showed up with their newly bought kit from yesterday’s shopping trip.

The UK team member who has now met with the rest of the St Helena team are residents at the Voco Hotel at the Majeski Stadium were in full swing of the mid-morning training session.

The plan is for more training tomorrow and Thursday in preparation for the first match next week that is scheduled to take place a day after the team’s arrival in Guernsey when St Helena will play against Menorca in the group day stages at 18.30 local time on Sunday.

The first St Helena match is played at Northfield which is the selected venue 3, the home of the Northerners football club, the venue is described as a very good one that host FA and ESFA affiliated matches and meets the standard for competitive football as determined by the Guernsey Football Association.

There is no planned TV or radio coverage from the first match at this time but we will update our viewers on any new progress.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the team is prepping for travel to the event and ongoing meetings are taking place online, lots of media enquiries are been requested and planned.

The BBC has been supplied with voice media as requested for an on-air program over the coming days along with another interview schedule regarding the trip progress and St Helena.

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